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Entry #38

Knock Knock

8/19/11 by Eddache

Apparently 'Knock Knock' was taken as a name so here's my new short Classic Knock Knock Joke!
I've been unwell recently so I used the day off to make this quick toon, which works out perfectly, as it's a good means to promote my newly redesigned website It's all swish and shit. Check it out!
It's also worth mentioning I have a new portfolio site, for voiceover stuffs. Demos, recent work, all that stuff. Which reminds me, I ought to upload more demos here. Woop.

MINI-SURVEY: Erm, what's your favourite kind of tree?

Knock Knock


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ok i will see.
NOW GO MAKe A MADNESS DAY FLASH !!!!!!!!!! (or no)



Nice redesign, and I liked that knock knock flash!

"knock knock" is a cartoon created by mark m if you wanna know. allright woo.

Also the cartoon make me smile.

Who's there?



Anything but fir trees. I'm somehow allergic to fir trees. And the worst part is most Christmas trees are some type of fir tree...