Entry #38

Knock Knock

2011-08-19 14:21:12 by Eddache

Apparently 'Knock Knock' was taken as a name so here's my new short Classic Knock Knock Joke!
I've been unwell recently so I used the day off to make this quick toon, which works out perfectly, as it's a good means to promote my newly redesigned website EddEgg.com. It's all swish and shit. Check it out!
It's also worth mentioning I have a new portfolio site, EddieBowley.com for voiceover stuffs. Demos, recent work, all that stuff. Which reminds me, I ought to upload more demos here. Woop.

MINI-SURVEY: Erm, what's your favourite kind of tree?

Knock Knock


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2011-08-19 14:52:00

Anything but fir trees. I'm somehow allergic to fir trees. And the worst part is most Christmas trees are some type of fir tree...


2011-08-19 15:06:00

Who's there?


2011-08-19 15:12:00

"knock knock" is a cartoon created by mark m if you wanna know. allright woo.

Also the cartoon make me smile.


2011-08-19 15:24:22

Nice redesign, and I liked that knock knock flash!


2011-08-19 18:20:56

ok i will see.
NOW GO MAKe A MADNESS DAY FLASH !!!!!!!!!! (or no)