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Eddache's News

Posted by Eddache - August 19th, 2011

Apparently 'Knock Knock' was taken as a name so here's my new short Classic Knock Knock Joke!
I've been unwell recently so I used the day off to make this quick toon, which works out perfectly, as it's a good means to promote my newly redesigned website EddEgg.com. It's all swish and shit. Check it out!
It's also worth mentioning I have a new portfolio site, EddieBowley.com for voiceover stuffs. Demos, recent work, all that stuff. Which reminds me, I ought to upload more demos here. Woop.

MINI-SURVEY: Erm, what's your favourite kind of tree?

Knock Knock


Posted by Eddache - July 17th, 2011

New toon now up: Edd Egg - Duke

I was honoured once again to have Adam Harrington provide another voiceover for me, this time as Duke Nukem. I think if you've played any video game in the past 15 years, you've probably heard his voice at some point! Check out his YouTube channel if you don't believe me.

So yes, Edd Egg - Duke is a short episode compared to previous ones. We're trying out making shorter toons more often than longer ones that take months to make. Let's see how we get on...

You should definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel. There's more stuff there than I put on Newgrounds and I update that more often than I do here. Like this, this and this.

But for the moment, let's kick ass and chew bubblegum!

Hail To The Egg Baby (Edd Egg/Duke Nukem Toon)


Posted by Eddache - March 27th, 2011

Oh it's only about a year late or something but Edd Egg - Greatest Hits 2 is finally online.

Yay! And just check out this guest voiceover line-up:

Bing - from Cakebomb, ASDF and YouTube channel Slomozovo
Egoraptor - Newgrounds superstar and lovely chap
Oney - from the Leo And Satan series
Brentalfloss - from the "Videogame With Lyrics" series
Tomska - from Eddsworld, ASDF and tons of stuff on his YouTube channel
Adam Harrington - Professional voice actor appearing in video games like Tales Of Monkey Island, Assassin's Creed, The Godfather game, Back To The Future, Lost Planet 2 and tons tons more.

I'm so grateful to these guys for the voiceovers and their support!
So enjoy the new cartoon and check out all those links above as well!

Now back to work on new things. Keep up to date with my Twitter and YouTube channel.

So... how are you?

Edd Egg - Greatest Hits 2

Posted by Eddache - February 11th, 2011

For more info, you can read the info on the YouTube page that explains it all.

I also made an Edd Egg FAQ video if you're interested. You can play a drinking game with it - take a shot everytime I say, "Umm" or "Err". That's what happens with poorly prepared videos...

I'm utterly astounded by the success of Proper Raptors. 140K+ views, awards, front page, a slot on the Newgrounds YouTube channel. Yes, it hasn't exactly got the M.Night Shalamanadingdong style unexpected twist in the tale, but it was a silly idea and considering it was all done in about 48 hours, it's a big achievement so massive props to Mark-er, Fifty-50 and LiquidOoze for their hard work. It would have been nothing without them. We're discussing ideas for possible future installments so watch this space, old bean. Spiffing!

Trailer for upcoming cartoon

Posted by Eddache - January 17th, 2011

Hey gang. How are you? Good good. Hey, I've made a new voice acting demo - in video format (audio version with more/different clips coming soon). It features voice work I've done for other people (so no Edd Egg stuff here).

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Oh, and I have a new website call EddieBowley.com that features my voice over work, animations and so on.

So what else is going on? Edd Egg - Mistletoe & Mine got daily second and front page which is cool! I also made a making of video during the production.

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There's plenty going on on my YouTube channel at the moment. I've also been made a YouTube partner which is pretty sweet. So you ought to subscribe as there'll be more vids on the way. And also new cartoons on the way very very soon. I just need to, you know, start on something.

What was the last thing you started but never got round to finishing?

Posted by Eddache - December 19th, 2010

New Edd Egg now up on NG entitled Mistletoe And Mine. It's a Christmassy episode you see.

So, after watching it (and rating and commenting, obviously) you can even download The Chief's christmas album as well from here. It's 5 tracks of utter Christmas-themed spender, an orgasm for the ears. Aural sex, if you will. Oh, and it's free!

Did I mention New Edd Egg episode called Mistletoe And Mine?

MINI-SURVEY: What's your highlight of 2010?

Who wants some Edd Eggnog?

Posted by Eddache - November 10th, 2010

In other words, I made a Pogo-style music video out of my Edd Egg series. It was a nightmare to do but I'm pretty chuffed with the results.

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I'm also aiming to do a Edd Egg short before Christmas. Hopefully there'll be a lot more episodes next year.

MINI-SURVEY: What's at the top of your Christmas presents list?

Posted by Eddache - October 18th, 2010

New Halloween cartoon

It's short, sweet, simple and silly. Not as glossy as other toons, I know. I wanted to doing something a little less strenuous than Edd Egg, especially since I wouldn't have as much time to make it by Halloween, what with getting married 'n all. Yep, Alison, my frequent female foiceover (I know that's not how you spell it, but I wanted the alliteration) is now also my wife. Glee!

Oh, and we should have a game out in time for Halloween too (fingers crossed).

But yes, Edd Egg will hopefully have a second cartoon of 2010. Possibly a Christmas one. In the meanwhile, enjoy Mummy's Boy.

You should also subscribe to my YouTube account as I will have some videos inbetween updates here. And/Or Twitter, naturally.

MINI-SURVEY: Best Horror movie?

Mummy's Boy

Posted by Eddache - August 17th, 2010

The new Edd Egg episode is now up!


This is just a blatant plug. Sorry.

MINI-SURVEY: What's your current "earworm" (song stuck in your head)?

Edd Egg is sick

Posted by Eddache - August 4th, 2010

Brand new Edd Egg cartoon should be completed and on Newgrounds within the next couple of weeks, hopefully sooner. It's been a while since his last outing, but it should be worth the wait, fingers crossed.

Then it'll be a while before anything else from me as I'm getting married in a month!

This weekend is the NG London Meet. We'll be there for the Saturday (the main meet-up). Hope to see you there!

If you haven't already, check out The New Suited and Fish Outta Water.

MINI-SURVEY: What's the worst movie you've ever seen and why?

Stuff soon & Meet-ups