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Eddache's News

Posted by Eddache - June 22nd, 2010

Some stuff and that then.

1) I haven't uploaded many animations lately but I have been providing voiceovers for a whole bundle of upcoming stuff! Very exciting indeed! Do let me know if you need voices too.

2) On the subject of voices, I came second in the last voice acting contest (missed first place by a single point!). Check out my entry here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /304820

3) I maded a song-de-dong. It's about SEGA.

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This is included in a mini-album I've released called "To Be This Good..." which you can download for free (donations optional :D ).
In fact, you may want to subscribe to My YouTube channel anyway as I update that more frequently than here.

4) The new Edd Egg is definately on it's way. It's about half done and I hope to get it on Newgrounds by mid-July (but trying to avoid clashing with Robot Day).
On a sad note, I may have to delay Greatest Hits 2 until later this year (due to me selfishly getting married to my fiancé in September. What a bastard, eh?).

MINI SURVEY: How did you come up with your Newgrounds username?
Mine is based on a Q&A trivia game I made AGES ago, based on a pun on the word "Headache" and my real name, Eddie.

Gimme the Cyber Razor cut

Posted by Eddache - May 14th, 2010

Oh hi. I was dead but now I'm not.

Work has begun on a new Edd Egg episode. It feels like it's been forever since the last episode so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. This is not "Greatest Hits 2", that'll be the next episode after this one. Keep an eye on the Edd Egg forums for updates and previews.

So what else have I been up to I hear you not ask? Weeeeeell...

Krijgers van de Nieuwe Wereld (aka Warriors of the New World)
This is a Dutch mock-documentary (or mockumentary) about a school that's based it's entire educational system on the Mayan 2012 belief (basically, the end of the world). I provided the voice overs for the Professor and his pet dog Hubble in an educational animated segment that show in the documentary. The whole thing is in Dutch (aside from my part obviously!) and I can't find anywhere online that shows the documentary in it's entirety but this video features a clip from the animation scene (skip to 1:38)

/* */
This was shown on the HollandDoc channel on the 2nd May (I think). In other words, my first televised cartoon voiceover job! :D

My buddy Aniforce contacted Alison (my fiancé and fellow voiceover) and me to provide the voices for his reboot for his Suited series (the original episode can be seen here). We were delighted to be involved and it's looking amazing so far! See his profile and Twitter for some preview images (such as the one below).

I made a remix of "Frying Pan!" by mrSimon (you should check out his album here if you haven't already.

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And here's the regular doodahs: Twitter, YouTube, T-Shirts & Forums. And PM me if you need any voiceovers? :)

Mini-Poll: If you died and could reincarnate as anything, what would you be?

Still, at least we got the duck...

Posted by Eddache - March 16th, 2010

Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen! Are you going to be in the London area on the 27th March? Then come down to the UK Webcomix Thing 2010! Myself and the rest of the Edd Egg crew will be there and we'll be joined by the lovely chaps from Cakebomb (as well as lots of very talented artists and writers). And I'll be on a panel about animation too which'll be interesting I'm sure... gulp... There'll be a trip to the pub afterwards where we'll probably spend any and all profits made so it'll be great to see my fellow Newgrounders there!

Check out this video for a bit more info.

Also, give my good buddy Aniforce your support by checking out and voting (it really doesn't take long to register) for his entry to the Aniboom/Sesame Street competition which is here (it's the Crocodile animation that reached the daily second spot today). Alison, my fiancé and regular voiceover for Amy in my Edd Egg toons provided the narration for it, so naturally, we want it to do well!

Mini Poll: What guilty pleasures do you have in your CD/MP3 collection? You have the Power Rangers theme in there don't you? Go on! Admit it!

Posted by Eddache - February 12th, 2010

We're looking for a programmer to take over and help us make our Power Of Three game. The art is pretty much finished and most of the soundtrack has been completed too. We just need a dedicated programmer to get this game made for us.

We'd like someone with good game-making experience. It's a platformer/shooting game (like Megaman) so we would like someone who has made games of that genre or similar (with examples). And preferably with at least one front page and/or daily top five award.

So please PM me as soon as possible if you're serious about programming this game for us. We'll provide more details to those who apply and fit the above criteria. This is for the Power Of Three project, so since we've already had some massive delays, a fast turnaround would be appreciated.

In cartoon news, I should have something in the next week or so.

Posted by Eddache - January 27th, 2010

A new Minions cartoon is now up, and with any cartoon series that bases itself on computer games, this one features the inevitability that is Super Mario. Specifically, Super Mario Bros 3, one of my all-time faves.

One of my highest rated toons for last year was Edd Egg - Greatest Hits. Edd Egg first started out as a webcomic and that toon was a series of short skits based on the selected comics from 2004. I'm going to start work on a sequel to that called "Greatest Hits 2" (it took me all day to come up with that title) and base them on comics from 2005. There's a lot more comics to choose from so if you want to help out, join the Edd Egg Forums, and post in this thread your favourite comics.

I'm also taking part in the 5th Voice-Acting Competition (a contest I previously won with a story about a Turtle and a Wolf). Check out my entry here. I've been doing quite a fair bit of voice acting work lately (even some paid work as well!) but I'm always happy for more. Gimme a PM if you're interested.

Subscribe to my YouTube and follow me on Twitter. And the t-shirts are still on sale.

What's your all-time favourite computer game/s?

Posted by Eddache - December 24th, 2009

Merry Christmas Newgrounders!

I done a (very short) Edd Egg Xmas flash but I'm not going to put it up on NG as it was a bit of a rush job. So check it out here and Merry Bloody Christmas!

Killing In The Rein(deer) Of

Posted by Eddache - November 24th, 2009

I've created a couple of Edd Egg t-shirt designs which I'm currently selling through Zazzle. I bought one of them for myself and it looks kick-arse (or kick-ass depending where you're from)! And it's just in time for Xmas!

Head onto http://www.zazzle.co.uk/eddache to check them out!

There's "My Arch Nemesis" from the Greatest Hits episode and, for you Twilight/New Moon fans, "Vampires Are Pussies" from the Werewolf episode (Which came 5th in the Halloween compo! Thanks everyone who viewed, reviewed, rated and favourited!).


In other news, I'm going to the London fling on Saturday along with Luis and Wonchop and work has begun on the new Edd Egg Christmas episode. Ho Ho Ha!

Mini Survey: Which of your body parts is your favourite?

Posted by Eddache - October 28th, 2009

1) There's a new Edd Egg cartoon released. It's a Halloween Spook-tacular! Check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

I'm very pleased with the results and I'd say it's my best to date, but that's for you jolly reviewers and raters to decide. And it features Stalagmite's fantastic rendition of The End Credits song which you can also see here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /276147

2) Edd Egg Animations are now available through YouTube. Subscribe to my channel beyotches: http://www.youtube.com/user/eddache

3) I've booked our table for the UK Webcomix Thing next year. I'm also doing a panel during the day. If you're in the London area in March next year, why not drop by and say hi!

4) I should be working on a new Voice Demo soon (as well as the Edd Egg Christmas episode and some other projects). If you need a voice over for anything, just send me a message!

5) I hear there's an Autumn NG London meet-up. I've had a blast at the previous ones I've gone to, so I'm looking forward to this one!

6) Just some quickies: Forums, Twitter, Happy Birthday To Me, Results of Voice Acting Compo coming soon, as is the Marvel Collab and I've got tickets to see Stephen Lynch front row center,

Oh, and PO3: coming soonish. Lol.

Posted by Eddache - September 23rd, 2009

1) A new episode in the Minions series is up. And this time it's based on Resident Evil 4. You've seen the ones for Toki Tori and Sonic 2, right?

2) I'm a big fan of Ebolaworld and was delighted to provide the voice of Edd Egg in a cameo role for his, now sadly concluded, Life In The Portal series. Looking at the line up of other NG favourites included, I'm both surprised and honoured I got a slot! Check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

3) The PO3 is still chugging along. I've completed the vast majority of my artistic and voiceover duties with only a couple of jobs left to do so hopefully it won't be much longer to wait. I'll let you know once we get a clearer idea of a release date. As a side note, I'm open for any voiceover roles going C:

4) I'm judging in the latest NG Voice Acting Contest. Check out the other entries and perhaps consider entering yourself. The deadline is Oct 1st.

5) We're now starting work on the Edd Egg halloween episode. You should join the Edd Egg forums for exclusive updates, previews and other tomfoolery. Edd Egg has a Twitter account too!

6) If you were a dinosaur, which one would you be?

Posted by Eddache - July 28th, 2009

Aha! Way to prove me wrong buddy.

So some more points of interest about the stuff and shit that's going on:

1) The next cartoon will be a new Minions toon. The audio is fully edited and the characters/backgrounds are drawn. I just need to make a start on some actual animating and suchlike. But it may be a little while away yet.

2) Our Power Of Three game is picking up some steam I think. I've been frantically churning out teh graffix and Lochie has been whizzing around with his programming and nal1200 has been putting out some stonking tunes. More on that laters.

3) Got me a new microphone (Samson C01U). I've been toying around with it and made this: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /252628
It's also my entry to the Voice Acting Contest which should be annoucing it's winners soon. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 68509/1

By the way, since I've got a game on the go, I'm more free to any voice overs roles people need filling. I know there's a trillion and one "I can voice act" posts and whatnot, but hey, wouldn't hurt to offer myself out. Check out my audio stuff here: http://eddache.newgrounds.com/audio/ and if you're interested, just send me a PM!

4) I'm coming to the Newgrounds UK meet-up on August 8th. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 54202 - Are you?

5) Here's a video I maded to a musics which I alsos maded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCvDE_g J-To

And other stuff in a nutshell: Apocalypse Lane is awesome, I'm taking part in the Marvel Collab and I'm seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on Saturday. Pip pip cheerio.