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Eddache's News

Posted by Eddache - June 14th, 2009

New Edd Egg cartoon, HOORAH!

Go watch! Go vote! Go boldly where no-one has been before!

Massive thanks to the guest voices, Cerise Panda, "Happy" Harry Partridge and Terry Mynott.

Check out Terry Mynott's brilliant impersonation skills here (the promo is my thanks for lending his talents):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7RDMGf 5uAs

Posted by Eddache - June 1st, 2009

The next Edd Egg toon should be done within the next couple of weeks or so. It's definately the biggest episode to date and I'm trying out a lot of new stuff with this, stuff which I think is making great improvements to the Edd Egg series.

Don't forget, you can join the EddEgg.com forums to be kept up to date with episode progress, along with preview images, exclusive episodes and community fun and games.

The first episode of Minions went down well so expect more episodes on the way. Even though my co-writer, Badgerless, is disappearing to Australia for 4-5 months, we've been able to write and record enough material to keep me busy with animating until he gets back.

Also, massive congrats to Apprso to landing his new series, Apocalypse Lane on the Escapist Magazine site. I enjoyed it a lot and can see massive potential in the series so I hope you check it out. I like to think that it was his spot as the goth ghost that got him the gig!

Posted by Eddache - May 6th, 2009

Edd Egg is taking a back-seat as a new series starts today: Minions!

Here's wotzits all about: Minions is a series that tells stories from the points of view of the lowest ranking characters in various computer games. So although this episode centres on two of the badniks from Sonic 2, these guys won't be appearing in future episodes. Just whoever plays the minion role of the respective game we're referencing. It gives these characters a voice which is for some reason South Londoner.

That word again, Minions!

Edd Egg's next episode will be in about a month's time. And why not join the Edd Egg Forums to be kept updated on the new episode's progress!

Posted by Eddache - April 27th, 2009

My website, EddEgg.com is down. I ran out of bandwidth for the month so until May rolls round, the site is a bunch of 404s at the moment. Not that I'm that upset, it's been a very busy month!

I had people coming over as a result of the UK Webcomix Thing, April Fools Day, the release of Edd Egg - Greatest Hits, plugs from Eddsworld and so on. It's been the best month so far and the future's bright. I can pay extra to keep the site going but, 1) I've already done that twice this month and 2) It's only 4 days until May. So yes, the site is down, but will be back this week.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make Edd Egg - Greatest Hits a great hit! It's the 2nd best rated Edd Egg cartoon after the Saw episode, beating classic episodes Tribe and No Porn On Wii. It'll be interesting to see if it cracks the monthly winners. My hopes aren't that high but there's always the chance.

Despite the title of this post, Edd Egg is not dead. Just the website for the moment, but the series is still cracking on. I have a new cartoon in the works but it is NOT an Edd Egg toon. No, this is the potential start to a potential new series. I don't want to divulge details just yet, but potentially I hope to release it early next week (I would say this week but we don't want to it clash with Pico Day now, do we?). Personally, I think it has potential. Depending on it's success we may follow it up straight away with a second episode or alternate between this and the Edd Egg series. We'll see. Potentially.

Posted by Eddache - April 9th, 2009

The newest Edd Egg episode is now up:

And have you seen the list of guest voices involved?
Appsro from the Prostitute Mickey cartoons
Wonchop, aka that guy who does animations for Weebl's Stuff i.e. Narwhals
Eddsworld, from the popular series... Eddsworld
Diamond Armada from the Comix series
Tom Fulp from the little known website Newgrounds

And several more.

Check it out

Was there anything else to this post other than shameless self promotion? No! Lolz.

Posted by Eddache - April 2nd, 2009

Some more points of interest then:

1) Last Saturday, I was at the UK Webcomix Thing 09 which is always a blast. Especially the trip to the pub afterwards! Plus it was a great chance to hang out with some very talented and all-round bloody nice chaps like Edd, Tom and Matt from Eddsworld, HappyHarry, Wonchop and Weebl. Hopefully there's be another NG London meet-up of sorts soon so we can hang out again.

2) The next Edd Egg episode is on it's way. I reckon it'll be up in time for Easter. It's a good 'un.

3) I see the Street Fighter collab still isn't up. Oh well. I've put up my own part on my website - here. Why not join the forums while you're there?

4) Yeeeee-HAAA!

5) You smell... lovely!

Posted by Eddache - January 13th, 2009

Some points of interest:

1) Edd Egg - The Apocalxmas Pt 2 is now up - HERE. Make sure you see Part 1 first.

2) I should be coming to the NG London meet on Saturday.

3) Part Three of The Apocalxmas will be up sometime this week.

4) You smell.

Posted by Eddache - December 21st, 2008

Part one of Edd Egg Christmas special trilogy, The Apocalxmas, is now up on NG over here. Part two should be done before Christmas Eve and part three before New Years.

A lot of work was poured into making these three episodes so I hope you enjoy it!


Posted by Eddache - December 9th, 2008

Just a quick post to say the new Edd Egg episode is on it's way. Naturally, given the time of year, it's a Christmas episode (remember last year's xmas outing?). But this time it's a bit different. This next episode is just one part of an Edd Egg Christmas trilogy!

I'm keeping quiet about the details right now (though I'm leaving little progress updates on the Edd Egg Forums) but part 1 and 2 should be released before Christmas Eve (fingers crossed). Ideally I'd like part 3 done before then too, but realisitically, it may not be done until after Christmas (but definately before New Years Day).

It's certainly my most ambitious project to date and it's taken a long while to iron out the creases in the scripts and get all the voicework for it done. And it's even more ambitious trying to make three episodes in one month (though I did make an episode last year within 5 hours) but it's looking good and hopefully they will be warmly received (fingers crossed again)!

Posted by Eddache - November 7th, 2008

So, as you've probably seen by now, the results of the NG Halloween Compo are up, and the Edd Egg - Saw episode came in at 16th! And rather unexpectedly, I've won prizes for it as well! It all seems a little odd as when I posted that episode it only made it as far as daily 6th place. I blame this on the fact that I posted it on the same day as competition winners LazyMuffin and Eddsworld. Then suddenly, out of the blue, it made it onto the front page as a featured movie! And a influx of 20k views! Then some prize money to boot? As Edd Egg would say, Slaptastic!

To be honest, I was never concerned about the prize money. I just wanted a chance to get a little recognition, which I feel I have now received and some! Thank you everyone who voted, reviewed, favourited or for just watching it! I hope you'll have a chance to look at the rest of the Edd Egg episodes and I hope you'll check out the new episodes when they're released! Thank you!

If you're in the UK in March, check out the UK Webcomix Thing where Eddsworld and I have booked our tables (we're sat next to each other so you get two Edds for the price of one). It's always a blast so hope to see you there!

I've also posted my voice demo on Newgrounds over here. If you're looking for a voice-actor, please check it out and let me know!