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Nice work

Obviously a great deal of care went it this. It was delightful and silly. It might not have the greatest animation or voice-acting in the world but these skills develop over time, and this was clearly a bit of fun for you and your friends. I was honoured to be a part of it and see the great potential for future episodes.


Man, that slayed me! Great work!

I for one welcome our new pug overlords.


WHO did he see at the mall? We never found this out. Piss poor storytelling right there Mr.Partridge.


It is a gorgeous, well animated and charming piece of work. It's refreshing as, although it contains plenty of video game references and parodies, it's still accessible to anyone, even non-gamers. The humour can be appreciated by all ages and that's a lot harder than it sounds. This would not be out of place in a Saturday morning cartoon slot and from the skill, dedication and heart that has gone into, it deserves the attention.

It was an absolute delight to be involved with this project and we're immensely proud of the results. We hope this spawns a lot of interest (and sequels)! And we're happy to help in any way in can along the way.

Visually stunning, utterly sweet and charming and a joy to watch.

Great work guys!

Very stylised and very odd. Grotesque, but in a good way!

Great work!

I loved it and I'm honoured to be 1) lined up alongside the NG elite and 2) featured in a ebolaworld cartoon!

Samination responds:

Thanks for your contribution! Happy you liked it. :D

I say!

Unexpected and odd. I like how it just lingered for a while at the end.

evilchickennugget responds:

thanks edd.

Not the best, but the easter egg wins it

Normally when I've seen an Awesome toon, even when it's based on a game I've never played, I've still been able to enjoy the toon and find it funny. This one was a bit lost on me, but that may be because I never played the game, which is a shame because because it's nicely animated and voiced as always.

The easter egg though was hilarious.

True Animation Skills

Perhaps not quite the funniest episode so far, but the animation is superb. There has definately been an enormous leap in your animation skills recently and they are very apparant here. The shoe and Tom talking to his brain got laughs out of me but the pace seems to be a little slower, especially when compared to Zanta Claus, which caused some scenes to drag a bit and some jokes are just short of proper punch. But don't get me wrong, this was still a very entertaining toon and you still get a 5/5 and 10/10 for a great job that shows clear signs of dedication and skill.

Great job!

Really good comedic pace and timing!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol thanks dude, appreciate it :D get on wif cartewn!

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